Small Worm’s next batch & LGBTQ+ History Month & Black History Month fundraising

Well I went a little quiet on this site for the end of 2020 there but I didn’t have much to report anyway. Now here we are in February 2021 and I have a lot to announce.

Here is the second physical batch from my Small Worm label, now five releases in size, SWP06-10:
SWP06 – Crag – Body Low
SWP07 – Territorial Gobbing – James, Can You Draw An Ugly Face On Each One?
SWP08 – arboreal – contemplation
SWP09 – xfeverfewx – huge black wings
SWP10 – ᴶ ᴾ ˢ ᴷ – Crystalline Complex

Unlike the previous batch, this comes at a time where the UK is relaxing tier 3 lockdown regulations but at a slow and steady pace – as such, I am only posting any orders out from the label once all orders have been filled for all available tapes (this is not exactly hard as they are all limited edition runs of 10). This is to avoid non-essential journeying through one, convenient trip to the post office for all tapes.

February is LGBTQ+ History Month here in the UK and Black History Month over the pond in the US. I am beginning to raise funds for two fund pools – one will be split among the NPO’s below and the other will be split among the funds that go directly to individuals below:

Help A Queer Nigerian Single Parent Acquire Safe Housing:

Help Dandelion Eghosa Raise funds for Emergency Housing and Tuition:

Help Stella Lado Pay Rent and Council Tax:

Queer Brown Trans Northerner’s Top Surgery Fund:

Help Lois Become A Tattoo Artist:

Support the Free Work Done by Azekel:

Support MSNs Dream to Fruition:

AJ’s Top Surgery Fund:

Help Li Raise Funds For Top Surgery:

Fig’s transition:


Black Trans Foundation Therapy Fund:

Black Remote She:

BBZ Black Book:

Misery Party:

African Rainbow Family:

Black Trans Alliance:

I strongly recommend that you show your support by further researching these organisations and individuals and the important work that they do and contributing your own donations as well.

Besides all proceeds from this second Small Worm batch going towards the fund pooling – I will be announcing a periodic series of impromptu releases that will be further in aid of this, a “batch 2.5” if you will, since I had already announced plans for a batch 3 at the end of the month (though I did this on a personal social media account, not here).

Funds from the third batch will also go towards this pooling but after I have already donated a first time, as the third batch is unlikely to be ready until a little after February now and I would prefer to see these funds go to where they have to go conveniently without waiting.

I have always tried to make my tape editions low cost to the listener so that they remain accessible but I will be increasing the price slightly for this upcoming fundraiser batch to reflect the importance of giving to these causes.

If anybody reading has suggestions of relevant funds and/or organisations to add to the above lists, please let me know about them by writing to me at

I am also going to be selling artwork through a new Etsy shop to raise towards both fund pools as well, you can follow that here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all of your support. 

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