My name is James Shearman and I was born on James Lane (Whipps Cross Hospital) in Leytonstone, London, in 1994. I remain based in Leytonstone to this day.

I have been creating music, noise, field recording and sound art under my own name since 2014 – all self-released digital artefacts can be found here. My experimental drone music as ‘Echoes throughout the caverns of Leytonstone’ (2012 – Present) is largely collected here. My meagre explorations of the dungeon synth realm as Jåshlýkk are collected here. I currently curate three netlabels and my main focus is an additional multi-format label called Small Worm.

I began this site in 2019 and intend to use it to catalogue directories of my work (both sound and visual). I will also try to use the blog function to provide updates on my artistic and curatorial practises.

For all enquiries please email me at